Artisan Corded Two Piece Abaya – Moonstone Grey

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Model is 5’9″ wearing size 58. Discover the essence of sophistication with our “Artisan Corded Two Piece Abaya – Moonstone Grey,” a paragon of luxury fashion meticulously crafted in the esteemed workshops of Dubai. This abaya is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional modesty and contemporary style, rendered in a palette of light grey tones that evoke the subtle luster of a moonstone. Each fold of this light grey abaya whispers tales of understated elegance, designed to keep you comfortably en vogue during those cool, gentle evenings. The moonstone grey hue exudes a soft radiance, reflecting the finesse of high-end design and the tranquility of a lunar glow. Embrace the pinnacle of modest fashion with this grey abaya, a garment that not only complements your silhouette but also enhances your natural poise. The artisanal corded detailing on this two-piece abaya intertwines luxury with functionality, symbolizing Dubai’s legacy in the world of haute couture. Adorn yourself with the light grey elegance of this moonstone grey abaya, a piece that stands as a hallmark of modest beauty. In this abaya, you don’t just step out; you make a statement—a statement that resonates with the serene depth of moonstone grey and the impeccable craftsmanship of Dubai’s luxury abaya fashion scene.

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